JJ Feedback 28 FEB 2023 blog

We recently received a fantastic outcome for one of our clients facing serious assault charges in Greater Western Sydney, NSW, Australia. The charges were brought against our client in October 2022, relating to an incident involving her ex-husband.

Jade Turner and our legal team faced a number of challenges throughout the case. Still, we successfully persuaded the Magistrate to divert our client’s proceedings through Section 14 Mental Health Provisions [Mental Health and Cognitive Impairment Forensics Provision Act 2020]. This outcome helped our client avoid a jail sentence.

The testimonial and thanks we received from our client highlight the professionalism and dedication of our Jackson John legal team. We are proud to have made a real difference in our client’s life and provided them with the support they needed during this challenging time.

At Jackson John Defence Lawyers, we understand that every case is unique and are committed to providing personalised and compassionate legal representation to all our clients.

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