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JJ Blog Content 19 MAY 2023 5
What You Need to Know About Firearms Licence Suspension in NSW
Having your firearms licence suspended in New South Wales (NSW) can be a daunting experience. In this article, we’ll provide you with essential information about firearms licence suspension, including the...
JJ Blog Content 24 APR 2023 05
Penalties and Defences for Unregistered Firearm Possession in NSW
The laws regarding firearm possession in Australia are stringent. In New South Wales, owning a firearm requires registering it and obtaining a licence. Failure to do so can result in...
JJ Blog Content 5 MAR 2023
Firearm Offences in NSW: Understanding the Laws and Penalties
In New South Wales, there are various offences relating to the use and misuse of firearms, which are outlined in the Firearms Act 1996, the Crimes Act 1900 and the...